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Media Person of the Year Award

The Mary Phelan Media Award may be awarded to a media professional defined as a man or woman who is employed or self-employed in the State of Missouri from such medium as radio, television, newspapers, and other publications. And, who stands out in their conduct and service to the public in reporting information that is both accurate and fair. Application should demonstrate writing such as the reporting of incidents, initiatives, and issues that are related to law enforcement or public safety.

This media candidate is by the nature of the word “Professional”, dedicated to public service on and off the job. Such candidate holds a commitment to integrity and fairness. That in his/her service or professional conduct meets most of the specific criteria cited below that directly or indirectly impacts upon law enforcement and/or public safety, in the State of Missouri.

Accuracy, Insight, Innovation, Donated time, Fair & Balanced, Consistency, Veracity, and Integrity

MPCA / MPCCF hopes that police chiefs will consider making a recommendation for this award for someone from their community or surrounding area. The application for the 2012 award must be returned to this office no later than November 5, 2012, to be considered.

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