Board Members Respond to the George Floyd Incident

In light of recent events in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Missouri Police Chief’s Association would like to make the following statement:

The oath of every sworn police officer, across this nation, centers upon protection of the people within their communities, including their physical safety, freedoms, liberties and constitutional rights. Good and ethical Law Enforcement officers, who compose the vast majority of individuals within our profession, are dedicated to this commitment and willing to give their lives to defend it. It disappoints and saddens us to see some within our ranks who tarnish this, after so many of us have died trying to preserve its integrity.

Our profession does not and will not tolerate this degradation of what we stand for. We encourage other Police Chief’s Associations, Police Officers Associations and law enforcement organizations to stand with us in remedying these issues. Together, we can work in coordination with our state lawmakers to strengthen practices already in place and create new processes which focus on identifying and removing those who are not fit to wear a badge or call themselves a police officer. To do anything less would be an injustice to those in law enforcement who work tirelessly to gain the public trust, protect their communities, help people and fulfill their sworn obligations with honor.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of George Floyd, the people of Minnesota and all of those impacted by these recent events. We also recognize and support the men and women of law enforcement, across the nation, who are attempting to protect your respective communities from the violence in the aftermath of this incident. To those officers, please continue to remember the oath that you took and promise that you made to the public as we ask our community members to keep you in their thoughts and prayers.

Together, we can defeat that which is designed to divide us from what is right and just as good and ethical police officers unite with community members who have a desire to help us achieve peace, justice, and fair treatment for all.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Sean Fagan, President
Tim Lowery, Past President
Glenn Eidman, 1st Vice President
Bob Muenz, 2nd Vice President
Terry Foster, 3rd Vice President
Chris DiGiuseppi, Treasurer
Robert Shockey, Executive Director

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MPCA President’s Message

Chief Sean Fagan

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the Missouri Police Chiefs Association website. The Missouri Police Chiefs Association represents over 600 members throughout the State of Missouri, and has done so since 1953. This Association is proud to serve all law enforcement in Missouri with training, information, professional opportunities, subject matter expertise, pro law enforcement legislative efforts, continuing education, command level training, legal defense, scholarships and charitable activities, as well as career advancement and testing services.

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MPCCF Chairman’s Message

Chief Timothy Lowery

The MPCCF continues to build upon it’s foundation of providing services to law enforcement and communities across the state of Missouri. The programs and services of the MPCCF are recognized across Missouri and nationally. The MPCCF is recognized and certified by Missouri and nationally as the DARE Training Center and the MPCCF Certification Program was incorporated into state statute within the past two years. The MPCCF Command College has grown in recognition due to the command level training provided by the program. The program provides the option of obtaining a master’s degree upon successfully completing the live and online instruction.

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1001 East High Street Jefferson City, Missouri 65101 Phone: (573) 636-5444